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Telling others about the numinous adventure of exploration is one of the great privileges of a life in science.

Essays and Handouts

Souvenir Broadside for my lecture, "The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics," given in the Fermilab Auditorium Lecture Series, January 18, 2008.

Souvenir postcard summaries of my lecture, "The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics," given at the Barcelona Science Museum, February 12, 2002.

QUARKSUNBOUND is an award-winning brochure published by the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society in 2001.

Reading and Surfing to accompany my Saturday Morning Physics Lecture, "An Introduction to Particle Physics," January 8, 2000.

Top-ology, expanded version of my article in the May 1997 issue of Physics Today.

"Elementary Particles: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," published in the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Beam Line 27, (1) 22 (Spring 1997).

The Higgs Boson from Scientific American's Ask the Experts, December 1996.

A Little Tour in Particle Physics for the Smithsonian Associates Seminar on Particle Physics, September 30, 1995.

Broadside for Top Quark Secrets: Postcards from the Particle Frontier,  in the Heinz R. Pagels Memorial Lectures organized by the Aspen Center for Physics, August 2, 1995.

Discovery of the Top Quark [Published in Physics News in 1995, edited by P. F. Schewe and B. P. Stein (American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD, 1996), p. 56].

Slides (PDF format) from General-Interest Lectures

"Remarks on Teaching Science and the Nature of Science," my 29 September 2004 lecture for the DuPage Division of the Illinois Association of School Boards.

"Physics without Boundaries," my 22 April 2003 lecture in Fermilab's Physics for Everyone Series

"The Art of the Public Lecture," from my invited lecture in the Real Outreach for Real Proposals Symposium at the Albuquerque Meeting of the American Physical Society, April 2002

"How the Web Has Changed How We Do Particle Physics," invited lecture at the SLAC Symposium on The Once and Future Web, December 3, 2001.

"Fermilab as a Creative Community," invited lecture at the Symposium on the Future of Creativity, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 3 November 2001.

Streaming Video

"Particle Physics: The World of Matter, Space, and Time," my Science for Everyone lecture at Fermilab, November 14, 2000.

"The Nature of Science," my keynote lecture at the Fermilab Symposium on the Nature of Science, March 18, 2000