Parton Luminosities

Parton luminosities are convenient for estimating how the physics potential of Large Hadron Collider experiments depends on the energy of the proton beams. In arXiv:0908.3660 I present parton luminosities, ratios of parton luminosities, and contours of fixed parton luminosity for gluon-gluon, u-dbar, and light-quark--light-quark interactions over the energy range relevant to the Large Hadron Collider, along with example analyses for specific processes. The plots are available here as full-page pdf files. Click on a thumbnail to retrieve a plot, or download an archive containing all twelve plots.


gg luminosityudbar luminosityqq luminosity


Ratios of Luminosities

Tevatron ratioudbar Tevatron ratioqq Tevatron ratio

LHC ratioudbar Tevatron ratioqq Tevatron ratio

Luminosity Contours

contoursudbar contoursqq contours