Book Reviews

"Mastering the Art of Show-and-Tell," review of The Craft of Scientific Presentations: Critical Steps to Succeed and Critical Errors to Avoid, by Michael Alley, and The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science, by Scott L. Montgomery. Published in Physics Today 57, 59 (July 2004).

"Professor Newton’s Principles," review of Thinking About Physics, by Roger G. Newton. Published in Science 288, 447 (2000).

Aesthetic Science, review of Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe, published in Scientific American 280, (4) 101 (April 1999).

"The Man Who Loved Ideas," review of The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist, by Richard P. Feynman, from FermiNews, July 17, 1998.

"The Feel of the Atelier," review of The Quantum Theory of Fields: Vol. 2, Modern Applications, by Steven Weinberg. Published in Science 275, 938 (1997).

"A View of the Particle World," review of Conceptual Foundations of Modern Particle Physics, by Robert E. Marshak. Published in Science 264, 1952 (1994).

"Principle approach," review of Longing for the Harmonies, by Frank Wilczek & Betsy Devine. Published in Nature 338, 215 (1989).

"Notes from the quantum field," with Kate Metropolis, review of Beamtimes and Lifetimes, by Sharon Traweek. Published in Nature 333, 220 (1988).

"The Particle Hunters," review of The Particle Hunters, by Yuval Ne'eman & Yoram Kirsh. Published in American Scientist 76, 247 (1988).

"Oral tradition," review of Concepts of Particle Physics, by Kurt Gottfried & Victor F. Weisskopf. Published in Nature 330, 31 (1987).

"The Particle Connection," review of The Particle Connection: The Most Exciting Scientific Chase Since DNA and the Double Helix, by Christine Sutton. Published in American Scientist 73, 476 (1985).

"Elementary Particle Physics," review of Elementary Particle Physics: an Introduction by D. C. Cheng and G. K. O'Neill. Published in Physics Today 33, 76 (October 1980).

"High Energy Physics," review of Relativistic Particle Physics, by Hartmut M. Pilkuhn. Published in Science 208, 1025 (1980).