From August 4 – 18, I will be walking the GR 3 in France. I plan to walk from Ousson-sur-Loire (near Bonny-sur-Loire) to Tours and a bit beyond. I will not have regular access to electronic mail or telephone messages. If urgent matters arise in my absence, Olivia Vizcarra of the Fermilab Theory Group (+1.630.840.8585) will be able to deal with them.

If it is imperative to reach me, Liz Quigg (+1.630.840.2631 or +1.630.660.0622) will know how to track me down.

On Friday and Saturday nights, August 18 and 19, I will be in Paris at the
Hôtel Design Sorbonne
6, rue Victor Cousin, 75005 Paris

I return to Chicago on Sunday afternoon, August 20, and will be back at Fermilab on Monday, August 21. 

GR 3

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